Rakhi Seva

HP7 Clean Drinking Water are three words that require no explanation in the context of human health and well-being. Helping to provide clean drinking water to communities in Southern Rajasthan has been the primary mission of Rakhi Seva Society since its inception. We accomplish this task by providing skills training to community members while repairing and maintaining handpumps in their villages.


The handpump repair program began as a drought relief activity many years ago. It is now included in a broader program addressing water resource management, food security and its main goal of ensuring good health. As the primary water bearer, women are always included to ensure their participation in managing village resources. Rakhi Seva has expanded its mission to include water harvesting at the household and village levels.

wh3The water harvesting program, a collaboration between community members and Rakhi Seva, provides a minimum water catchment and storage of 10,000 litres per household for participating families. Water harvesting reduces the demand on clean groundwater resources. The handpump repair program ensures continued access to that clean water stored in the ground. Also, the work load for women is reduced because there are water tanks just outside of their doors.


For more information on these and other Rakhi Seva programs and insight as to how we know that the groundwater is this region is clean and safe please see our programs page.