Handpump Repair

Handpumps consist of a number of parts that, over time, become worn, damaged or corroded. Handpumps are often the only source of clean drinking water so maintaining them in working order is essential to the well being of the villagers who use them.



Water harvesting

Water Harvesting is an age-old practice of collecting rain water and storing it for later use. Rainwater is collected from rooftops and stored in underground tanks. This water is used for bathing, clothes washing and watering animals. Combined with a water purification system this water can also be used for drinking.

aurat3The Quest for Clean Drinking Water.

Good water handling and storage practices are key to keeping drinking water clean and safe throughout the journey from well to home. A clean source of water is the best place from which to start this journey. Handpump wells are clean sources. Following the link above will show you how we know this.

jagubedAccessing Health Care

For many reasons there are some people who cannot access the healthcare services that are available to them. We at Rakhi Seva always do are best to help those that need care and can’t get it. Following the link above will provide more information.